A new update of my R-package RLumModel was released on 22nd November 2017. The update includes a new parameter set Friedrich2018 which is able to simulate dose rates effect for radiofluorescence measurements. An overview over all changes can be found at the NEWS.

Including new parameter sets also means extending software tests. But what are software tests and why are they necessary?

Software tests help to improve your software. Testing is a vital part of software development. It ensures that your code does what you want it to do. Testing, however, adds an additional step to your development workflow. In R I use the wonderful package testthat. Combining this package with the continuous integration service Travis CI (or others) results in a effective way to test your software with every new push to GitHub. Another advantage of services like Travis CI is the possibility to test your software on different OS like macOS or Linux. For testing on windows systems I’m using AppVeyor.

The best thing: Travis CI as well as Appveyor are free to use!
So start testing your software today!